1º Workshop RICYT- INIST

The “First Workshop on Knowledge and New Information and Communication Technologies: Impact and Challenges for the S&T Information Systems” was held in France. The meeting was jointly organized by the Network on Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT) and the Institut de l’Information Scientifique et Technique (INIST- CNRS) of France, and it took place in Nancy, May 15th and 16th 2004.

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This seminar aimed to approach issues related to S&T indicators in the context of the information society and its progress toward a knowledge society and a knowledge-based economy. This change in the social and technical environment poses the critical point of revising the classic S&T indicators, and of considering the definition of knowledge indicators from the perspective of the currently used bibliometric indicators.

The subject was addressed with a cooperating spirit of work, and not as a simple continuity of interventions. During the seminar it was promoted the exchange and comparison of experiences, the evaluation of the available results, and the definition of the future tasks. In this way, it was particularly enriching the possibility of having perspectives from Europe and Latin-America.