Advances of the Thematic Sub-Network on Innovation

2004 is a year of intense activity for the sub-network, since significant methodological developments on the subject of Innovation Indicators are taking place. Of them, one of the most important is the project for the revision of the Bogotá Manual, which is amongst RICYT’s main activities for this year. Coincidentally, OECD continues working on the redaction of a new version of the Oslo Manual, which would be formally presented in June 2005, within the framework of NESTI’s annual meeting. RICYT also actively participates in this effort.

Within the Latin American context, RICYT’s coordination has promoted, as a part of the Innovation Sub-Network activities, networking of experts directly linked to the design and performing of innovation surveys carried out in the region over the last years. The goal is to update and complement the recommendations included the Bogotá Manual 2000 version. Results of this work will be presented at RICYT’s Sixth Workshop on Science and Technology Indicators –Ibero-American and Inter-American- to be hold in Buenos Aires, September 2004. Preliminary documents and contributions, which are a part of the materials produced at the project’s stages, are already available.

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See preliminary documents and contributions

Regarding the Oslo Manual, RICYT has attended the different workshops carried out on this subject, and is currently coordinating –jointly with UIS-UNESCO- the elaboration of an annex that will accompany the main text of the manual’s next version. This annex will contain recommendations appropriate for measuring innovation in non-members developing countries.

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