Agreement UIS- RICYT

In the framework of VI Indicators Workshop, UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and RICYT signed a cooperation agreement in the field of science and technology statistics and indicators. The purpose is to strengthened the joint work, considering that both institutions share the objective of developing better statistics and indicators in the field of Science and Technology.

The signing of the agreement formalizes the joint work carried out by RICYT and UIS and gives a new institutional thrust to the development of science, technology and innovation indicators in the region.


The agreement sets a general framework of cooperation between both institutions and points out the next areas:

• Data collection: it was agreed that RICYT will carry out the collection of the information in the regional countries and give the information to the UIS, respecting the principles of non data duplication.

• Publications and circulation: Both institutions cooperate with the circulation of the activities and will carry out publications on the shared topics.

• Creation of capabilities: it was compelled the cooperation in the creation of science and technology capabilities, sharing the acknowledgements which refers to human sources and available methodologies.

• Methodological Development: it was agreed to develop jointly documents of methodological development.


Also, the UIS will spread the documents made by the RICYT along the region.