Now available: Lisbon Manual 2009

The 2009 version of the Lisbon Manual is already available. The original edition goes back to 2006. Since then, its contents have gone through a vast series of changes. The transition to the Knowledge Society, as said on the Manual’s back cover, “is a phenomenon defined by change”. Every change demands revisions, corrections, actualizations. That is the purpose of the 2009 version, the result of the joint efforts of the Ibero-American and Inter-American Network on Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT), the Portuguese Ministry of Education, the Ibero-American Observatory of Science, Technology and Society and the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID).

The 2009 version aims at providing an even better and more complete understatement of the existing data concerning the Information Society. Not only has the 2006 information been refreshed, but it also adds new dimensions of analysis that have been found utterly relevant for the Ibero-American region in this past three years: universal connectivity, the education and the participation of users in the creative process related to new technologies. The basic draft for the annex and the actualization of the original chapters were discussed during the IV Ibero-American Seminar on Knowledge Society Indicators that took place in Portugal in September of 2009.

Download the Lisbon Manual 2009 (English version)

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