Manual de Indicadores de Vinculación de la Universidad con el Entorno Socioeconómico – Manual de Valencia

The Ibero-American Manual of Indicators of Linkage of the University with the Socioeconomic Environment offers a methodological tool for the management and planning of these activities in the universities, while allowing governments to design and implement policies and provides society with data that the approach the university as a service provider.

The document is the result of a collaborative reflection process coordinated by RICYT and the Ibero-American Observatory of Science, Technology and Society (OCTS-OEI) and in which experts from various countries, universities and international organizations participated. The Manual seeks to respond to a demand for accurate and comparable information in a region characterized by the central role of universities in the development of science and technology and by important social and productive demands.

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Manual de Santiago

This Manual is a first methodological attempt to measure the intensity and description of the characteristics of the internationalization of science and technology in Ibero-American countries, both at the national level and at the institutions and organizations that carry out research and technological development (R&D).

The Manual is part of the projects of the Ibero-American Network of Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT) of the CYTED Program to expand the system of R&D indicators in strategic areas of scientific and technological development in Ibero-American countries.

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Manual de Lisboa

Guidelines for the interpretation of available statistical data and the construction of indicators referring to the transition of Ibero-America towards the Information Society.

The recent revolution in the field of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has opened a process of profound political, cultural and economic changes. The progress of this process, which leads us towards the so-called “Information Society”, has aroused great interest in political, journalistic, business and academic circles. With this, the need for reliable information has become an imperative.

An important step in that direction is to standardize the criteria and methods used in the region for the collection of information and the construction of indicators. This is precisely what the proposal presented below aims to do, aiming to contribute to the comprehensive approach to the questions regarding what, who and how to measure the Information Society, as well as a set of recommendations for the interpretation and analysis of the indicators that are developed.

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