El Estado de la Ciencia 2010

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<p><span lang="EN-US">The Network for Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT) announces that the 2010 version of &ldquo;El Estado de la Ciencia. </span>Principales indicadores de ciencia y tecnología&rdquo; is already available.</p>
<p><span lang="EN-US">The main purpose of this publication is to provide, in an agile and dynamic fashion, a set of useful tools for analyzing the problems of science, technology and innovation in our region. As well as in previous editions, this volume includes several reports concerning the main issues on the Ibero-American indicators’ production.</span></p>
<p><span lang="EN-US">This publication was elaborated by RICYT&acute;s technical team, together with several collaborators specialized in the different areas that are presented here: Guillermo Anlló, Carmelo Polino, Guillermina D’Onofrio, Rodolfo Barrere y Facundo Albornoz. </span></p>
<p><span lang="EN-US">The reports presented here include the results of some of the activities driven by the Ibero-American Observatory of Science, Technology and Society (OCTS-OEI) and its publication counted with the sponsorship of <span>&nbsp;</span>the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el desarrollo (AECID), through the Center for Higher Education Studies (OEI/CAEU).</span></p>
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