Updated science and technology indicators

Updated indicators from the Ibero-American and Inter-American Network of Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT) are now available. It is the result of the annual survey of statistical information to the countries that comprise it.

Access the complete battery of updated indicators here.

Some specific data:

Investment in R&D measured in purchasing power parity shows a slight increase compared to the previous year, in any case it is still below the values ​​reached in 2015. More information here.

R&D spending relative to GDP fell in several Latin American countries, bringing the regional level to 0.62%. More information here.

Comparatively, investment from LAC and Ibero-American countries continues to have a low intensity compared to that of the most industrialized countries. For example, Korea and Israel allocate about 5%, while Germany and the US are around 3%. In addition, the participation of companies in investment in R&D is lower, close to one third of regional R&D. More information here.