“Towards the construction of a science, technology and innovation indicators system”

The Network on Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT/ CYTED) continues with the activities anticipated for 2004 in the framework of the project Towards the construction of a science, technology and innovation indicators system. Basic Platform” approved by the Organization of American States (OAS).

In this framework, it has been performed the “First Seminar on Indicators of Public Perception of Science for Central-American Countries”, held in Costa Rica. Another event has taken place on June 10th & 11th in El Salvador: the “Central-American Seminar- Workshop on science and technology indicators under a gender focus”.

In addition to the mentioned activities, RICYT is preparing the “Sixth Program of internships on Science and Technology Indicators”. The requirements for application will soon be available.


20 years of CYTED Program

The Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development (CYTED), to which RICYT belongs, has celebrated its twentieth anniversary, last May, 11th.

As CYTED members, we send our regards and thankfulness to all the colleagues with who we face the challenge of scientific cooperation for Ibero-American development.


Workshop on gender in Science and Technology

In the framework of the project “Towards the construction of a science, technology and innovation indicators system. Basic Platform”, funded by the Organization of American States (OAS) for 2004, RICYT organized the “Central-American Seminar-Workshop on science and technology indicators under a gender focus”.

The seminar took place in San Salvador, El Salvador on June 10 and 11. It´s purpose was to improve the construction of Science and Technology Indicators in the region with a gender focus. The workshop was co-organizated localy by CONACYT and supported by OEI.

The Workshop´s coordination, from RICYT, was taken by María Elina Estébanez, a REDES (Centro de Estudios sobre Ciencia, Desarrollo y Educación Superior –Grupo REDES Argentina) researcher.

The seminar counted with the presence of representants of Science and Technology Organizations of the region. Some of the 25 assistants were the following: José Roberto Alegría Coto (CONACYT, El Salvador); Guillermo Godínez, (CONCYT, Guatemala); Aquiles Díaz Chávez, (COHCIT, Honduras); Miriam Andrea Vigil Rodríguez, (CONICYT Nicaragua); Pilar Trimiño Vásquez, (Comisión Nacional de Indicadores de Ciencia y Tecnología/Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica); y Lourdes Palma, (SENACYT, Panama).


1º Workshop RICYT- INIST

The “First Workshop on Knowledge and New Information and Communication Technologies: Impact and Challenges for the S&T Information Systems” was held in France. The meeting was jointly organized by the Network on Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT) and the Institut de l’Information Scientifique et Technique (INIST- CNRS) of France, and it took place in Nancy, May 15th and 16th 2004.

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This seminar aimed to approach issues related to S&T indicators in the context of the information society and its progress toward a knowledge society and a knowledge-based economy. This change in the social and technical environment poses the critical point of revising the classic S&T indicators, and of considering the definition of knowledge indicators from the perspective of the currently used bibliometric indicators.

The subject was addressed with a cooperating spirit of work, and not as a simple continuity of interventions. During the seminar it was promoted the exchange and comparison of experiences, the evaluation of the available results, and the definition of the future tasks. In this way, it was particularly enriching the possibility of having perspectives from Europe and Latin-America.


INFO 2004

In the framework of the International Information Congress INFO 2004 held in Havana (Cuba), RICYT organized the round table on “Measurement of Scientific, Technological and Innovative Production”.

The event, carried out on April 12th – 16th 2004, joined specialists, professionals, researchers and students in the field of measurement of the results of scientific and technological activities.

During the round table, coordinated by Anna María Prat (CONICYT, Chile) and Gustavo Arber (Technician Secretary of RICYT), were presented new studies and researches in the field of bibliometric studies.

The meeting also aimed to analyze and debate the state and development of the area in Latin-America, as well as discussing about the promotion of new approaches to the measurement of scientific and technology production.


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